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Royal aviation fisheries, located in No. 400, Zhuhai agricultural science and Technology Park (North Australian Industrial Avenue), is an innovative company dedicated to developing the new business mode of "Internet plus aquatic products".
, the core of "industrial upgrading and innovation", will mutually benefit from the "leading enterprises + base + fishermen", and upgrade from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet. Mainly in aquaculture professional standardization, aquatic species diversification, processing, transportation and supply, production and marketing integration and other aspects of empowerment, truly let the products and consumers establish contact.
Since its establishment, the company has won the praise of many consumer groups. Under the new policy situation of national agriculture, rural areas and farmers industry, we should create Internet thinking operation modes such as B2C, B2B and o2o, and use Internet technology and big data to guide the development and promotion of aquatic products production, operation and sales.

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Copyright: Zhuhai Yuhang aquatic products Co., Ltd

Copyright: Zhuhai Yuhang aquatic products Co., Ltd