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Banana Sea Bass
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Zhuhai Yuhang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Zhuhai Agricultural Science and Technology Park, and the factory is located in Baijiao Town. It is an agricultural technology enterprise integrating production, processing and sales. The company’s main product, white banana sea bass, is processed and produced using mature technologies such as raw fish, quick-frozen, and salted fresh. This active frozen-state fresh-selling technology not only locks in the freshness and deliciousness


Yuhang White Banana Sea Bass
Royal Air Rainbow Spot
Yuhanghai Bass Gift Box

Cooperative Alliance

Not all sea bass are called "Baijiao sea bass". We not only produce, but also help countless customers develop Internet + sales, increase corporate sales. Adhering to the concept of "focus, integrity, and win-win", we create value for corporate customers! We have a personalized service system (technical team-tailor-made-event promotion-professional training), cold chain distribution support (cold chain logistics, fresh food speed distribution, all over the country, one-stop service for you)

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Phone/WeChat: 13249176711

Address: Sales Center, National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province